Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Anniversary Lisa & Scott

Today is my sees-ter's 14th wedding anniversary. She stopped blogging(gasp!), so I can't send you anywhere to say congrats but you are welcome to do it here in the comments!

I am headed up there for a quick visit this weekend, where from what I gather they will be celebrating by spending the weekend apart, as Scott will be away for the weekend. Very bad planning on their part, seeing as though they will have a free babysitter for 2 nights!

I will issue them a rain check for when my Dad and I visit again in 2 weeks over Spring Break. Maybe they can even get away for a short overnight trip(you better plan it Lisa, before I come to my senses:)

Happy Anniversary Lisa and Scott!


OH MY #6 said...

have a fun weekend.


redmaryjanes said...

How are you? I just thought I'd pop in. Thanks for posting about the auction!

M3 said...

Happy anniversary Lisa! You are one sweet sister to offer to babysit.

Rhonda said...

Happy anniversary, Lisa and Scott!

Kayce said...

Happy Anniversary Scott and Lisa!

Have a great weekend Michelle...I'm sitting in the airport right now waiting for my flight! Gotta love laptops. Have a safe and most of all FUN weekend. See you in two weeks.