Friday, April 03, 2009

The Adventure Continues

Michelle took me to work with her this morning. Here I am on the Toll road. Don't worry. Michelle wasn't driving when she took this picture.
Here I am doing a little work at Michelle's desk. O.K., I was really just pretending, since I can't read and don't know how to use the computer. The phone rang right after this and I wanted to make the appointment but Michelle said No. Sometimes she's no fun at all.

Here I am with my friend DeAnn. She's nice. She thought it would be pretty funny to do the
bunny sign when she took her picture with me. We were all cracking up at that.
Here is Michelle's co-worker Liz checking my teeth for me. I don't need to have braces yet, but they want me to have regular checkups to monitor my teeth. Especially the two front ones. They might be a problem later on.

I met this other bunny at the office where Michelle works. I was quite smitten with him. I like my men tall.That's it for now. It's almost lunch time for Michelle and she said she might take me out with her co-workers for Chinese food. I hope she does. Chinese is my favorite!

**********This is what we do at work on a Friday before we leave for vacation. Heh.*******


Kayce said...

This is fabulous!! Can't wait to see the next segment!

fuzzandfuzzlet said...

Tall men? Yeah right, I think she just likes men with big ears ;)

dmbonilla said...

could I have any more water bottles on my desk? I think Bunny did a great job at the office today..We should put her on the payroll too!