Friday, April 03, 2009

Bunny Reaches her Destination

Well I'm finally here in San Fransisco. Sheesh, that took forever. After a long car ride in horrible traffic, and one mobbed airport and delayed airplane because of Spring Break, I am finally here. Here are some pictures of my trip:

I hitched a ride on the back of Papa's suitcase on the way into the airport
Inside Long Beach Airport

Waiting for our plane. We waited a long time. Michelle said the plane was delayed whatever that means. I guess it means you have to wait because that's what we did.

Finally we started boarding the plane. Michelle had the lady behind us take a picture of me with the plane behind me. She was nice but you could tell she thought Michelle was a little weird.

Now we are on the plane, safely in our seats.

Little did I know that when the plane started moving I was going to get squished under the seat in front of me until we took off. The nerve! It was quite uncomfortable down there!

Michelle tried to make it all better by giving me a Sprite and some chips. I have to admit I did feel a little better after that. Then we watched the dog whisperer on the t.v. together. I think we need to have the dog whisperer come to Michelle's house and help train Gizmo. She is quite unruly, in my opinion.

Finally when the flight was over and people were getting their bags I got to sit in my own seat. Ahhhhhhhhh......................comfort at last.

We didn't get home until way past my bedtime. Gracie was already asleep so I won't get to meet her until tomorrow. I hope she likes me. I'm feeling a little nervous now...............good night!


Kayce said...

Yeah!! Welcome to the bay area bunny!

Kylie's momma said...

Too cute! I espeically like the part about "being squished under the seat" :-)Glad you ALL made it safe and sound. Now have yourselves a GREAT time!