Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Adventures of "Bunny"

This is for Gracie

Hello. My name is Bunny. Michelle told me this was just a temporary name though, because tomorrow she is going to deliver me to my new owner, Grace and Grace will probably want to rename me. She told me that I should be prepared for it to be a silly name, like "Hoppy" or "Pinky" or something. That's O.K. though. As long as she takes good care of me, I don't really care what my name is.

Michelle is going to take me on an airplane tomorrow to meet Grace. She's going to be my new owner. Michelle said she doesn't want me to get squished inside her suitcase so she is going to carry me on the airplane with her. That sounds good to me because I don't like to be squished. I have never been on an airplane before, so I am very excited. I am hoping that I get my own seat but Michelle says not to count on it.

I have been living here at Michelle's house for the last week ever since she found me on the shelf at the store and decided to give me a forever home with Gracie.

I like it here, but what I want more than anything is a little girl to love me. Michelle says that Gracie will be a wonderful owner and that I am very lucky to have her. I think she's pretty lucky to have me too.

This is me and Gizmo. Gizmo is Michelle's dog. I don't care for her all that much. She likes to chew on my face and drag me around every chance she gets. I don't much like having my face chewed on, or being dragged around, so Michelle put me high up on a shelf where Gizmo couldn't get to me. Michelle says that Gracie has a dog at her house too, but he isn't as annoying. That's a relief.

See what I mean about being annoying? Here she is chewing on my leg. Dog slobber. Blech.

Michelle made this bracelet for my new owner Gracie. She told me to keep it safe for Gracie until we get there. I am a little worried about it falling off in the airplane, so I asked Michelle to take it off of me and put it in her carry on bag until we get to San Francisco.

Here I am with Michelle's cat. She is much nicer than Gizmo. I don't think she likes me much though. I think I freak her out a little. Especially when I sit on her like this. She ran away right after Michelle took this picture of us. Michelle says that Gracie also has a cat at her house, so I better get used to them.

I think that's it for now. Michelle said she is going to take me to work with her tomorrow since she is going to the airport straight from there. Maybe she'll take some pictures of me while I am there and put them up here for Gracie to see. That would be fun!

Stay tuned for the further adventures of Bunny!


Rhonda said...

Cute. :)

Kayce said...

Michelle...this it too cute...I can't wait to see the adventure unfold.

2china4S said...

Where is Cameron's bunny? Sent you 2 SMS, let me know if you still want to get together. SS is up for a drive, now that she has a DVD player to keep her occupied. :)