Thursday, April 23, 2009


I have been just so busy this week. I feel like I haven't been home at all. Go, go , go.

No time to blog! Or catch up on my favorite shows either. And barely check Face.Book(Gasp!)

I missed Thankful Thursday now for the last two weeks. Must remedy that.

We're headed out in a few minutes to go the opening night of Art of the Samurai at a local museum. Joe loves him some Samurai stuff(what's up with guys and Samurai?).

Hopefully things will slow down this weekend and I can get caught up.
Gotta Run! The Samurai are calling :)


OH MY #6 said...

Have the BEST weekend my friend.


Rhonda said...

Hey Michelle,

I wanted to email you, but can't get to an email from your blog. I have a little China sumthin' I want to send you, but need an address. Can you email me?

Rhonda (of Rhonda and Company):)

Kayce said...

Thinking of ya!