Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A Perfect Day

Yesterday I was able to meet up with some very good blogger friends.

The forecast called for rain so we weren't sure at first where we would be meeting but the weatherman got the forecast all wrong(shocker) and it was a beautifully sunny day. It was so sunny that it turned downright hot, so we moved our little party to the pool where the kids swam and the adults sat by the pool talking and enjoying the sun. I could have stayed there forever!

The grandparents hanging out on the bench guarding the rice krispy treats that Kayce brought. Yum!

This park had the coolest spinning aparatuses(for lack of a better word)

Ro and Ree spinning. The like to spin fast!
Ree taking a little break on the large circular spinning apparatus(there has to be better names for these things).

Ro and Ree in the pool.
I think I can stand on this if you hold it still for me. Can you help a sister out?

Swimming is serious stuff!

Grace with her friend "Little Lemur". This little guy kind of took the place of Bunny as far as coming with us for the rest of the trip.

Grace pronounces it "Leet-le Leee-mer", which of course prompted me to say
"Say hello to my Leetle friend". Over and over and over again. It's still funny. To me :)
I didn't take a whole bunch of pictures because frankly I was having too much fun.

All day long we kept checking my phone to see if Lisa had gotten her referral and then right when we were getting to leave we saw that she had. Yippee!!

Thanks M3 and Kayce for such a wonderful day. The next time we meet Kayce will have her little one with her. Soon! :)


Carrie said...

Love the pool pics!

Kayce said...

It sure was a perfect day! I had a hard time walking away from the pool when I left! Thanks for everything Michelle!! I so hope I have referral in hand next time we see eachother!!!

2china4S said...

I wish we would have been able to join you. When you know when you are coming back, please let us know. We need to get together soon. Wow, Grace has grown so much since I started following your sister's blog. P and I just LOVE her olive skin. Hate to be silly (knowing you and Lisa are identical twins), but Cameron looks just like you.

M3 said...

Just a perfect day -- great weather, great friends, great fun! Thank you so much for an awesome day.

Debz said...

Looks like a very perfect day and what better way to spend it!
I can't wait for day's like this to come!

Lea said...

Hey friend,

It looks like a pretty fine day! Hope your weekend is fab!