Friday, December 25, 2009

38 months and Merry Christmas

We've had a wonderful Christmas and are having a great time in San Francisco, as always.  My camera broke on Christmas Eve and it was too late to ask Santa for  a new one so the only pictures I have to share are from my phone.   I'll have to wait and steal them from my sister or my Dad.

We took the dogs and the kids for a walk at Crissy Field yesterday.  It was freezing.  Of course you know I use that term in a I-grew-up-in-CA-and-50 degrees-is-cold-for-me kind of way.

O.K., I just checked and the temp was around 53 degrees, so I suppose "freezing" isn't the right term.  I was really cold in this picture, okay?

 Grace got this collage art set from Santa and I made this pig to honor our 38th LID-aversary.  The wings represent when I think we might actually get to celebrate Christmas with our kid. Heh.

We have a ton more fun planned ahead of us, as Lisa and Scott are leaving us in charge for the night tonight and then everyone but myself and Joe are leaving on Sunday and we'll have the house to ourselves and keep an eye on the animals and the house while they're gone for a week.

So if I don't get a chance to check back in, I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful New Year's!


DeAnn said...

Hope you had an amazing Christmas! Im so enjoying our time away from work..hehe..

Love and miss you!

Kris said...

this comes LATE.. but merry christmas and here's to 38 down.

and 53 is freezing to me too!