Monday, December 14, 2009

Fun in San Francisco Part 2 (Update)

On Saturday we headed out to Fort Funtson, AKA dog paradise.

Dogs can run freely without their leashes and their humans can enjoy the breathtaking views of the bluffs and the ocean.




Diggin' a hole

The waves were huge that day


Take note of Joe's hair in this picture. It's the last you'll be seeing of it for some time  :0

********UPDATED*********  Sorry to leave you all hanging on the state of Joe's hair.  I got a new e-mail address but Blogger won't let me switch my notifications to the new one.  I am beyond annoyed with them right now.  In fact, I am beyond annoyed with all things G**gle(Is it my imagination or do they own EVERYTHING?  Flickr, my e-mail account, Blogger, etc.). They need to make it easier to change the settings on your accounts.  Just saying.

Anyway, Joe shaved his head this weekend.  As in totally, completely bald.  Even finished it off with a razor.  He asked me not to post any pictures yet and I have to respect that(seeing as though he pretty much lets me spill anything else I want to here).  As soon as he's ready I'll show you guys.  I have a thing for bald guys, so it's all good.  And it's just hair.  If he changes his mind it'll grow back.

Oh, my new e-mail address is scrappermg(at)att(dot)net. So the same as the last one but with "att" at the end instead of "cox".  I know I sent out an e-mail with my new gmail address and it's still valid, but this will be my primary e-mail address.


Rhonda said...

Umm...what did he do to his hair?

Kayce said...

Great place!! The picture of you guys is beautiful!! Now don't leave us hanging...what did Joe do to his hair??

Retro Girl said...

Glad you found your tree topper....
Love all the pics---looks like a beautiful, amazing place! You're so lucky to be out there...
I especially love the palm trees in the background of the skating pics! :0)

Hope Joe is Okay? (Hope it's just a bad haircut...which can grow back? or ??) Always wishing you the best....

Kylie's momma said...

Beeeautiful pictures! great colors and clarity! I'm jealous! Where's hubby's hair "going"? Did I miss something? LOL

2china4S said...

I have been shaving P's head for 15 years now. :) I like it, it makes him look like a thug. Is Joe planning to keep it up?