Sunday, December 20, 2009

Disneyland Part 1

We visited Disneyland last week one last time before the New Year.   It was crowded and we didn't stay long.  Rode "It's a Small World" and looked at the decorations and came home.  We just love the Christmas decoration at Disneyland at this time of year.
 I took far too many pictures inside "Small World"

It's just so festive!
These are in no particular order either :)


Dopey.  Sadly, my actual ears look very similar to these.

Tree in Toontown.  Love how colorful it is.

Santa had a big long line but poor Mrs. Clause was standing out front looking lonely so I took pity on her and stopped to pose for a picture.  She insisted we say "Cookies" instead of "Cheese" because Santa prefers cookies over cheese.  Heh.

I have a nasty head cold this weekend so I have gotten nothing accomplished.  I have so much to do before leaving for my sister's house on Wednesday and no motivation to do it.  The sinus pain and pressure is horrible. I can only hope it passes quickly.  I keep telling myself it's better to get the sickness out of the way before Christmas.  Still not fun.

Part 2 of Disneyland is below this post


M3 said...

Wow, how awesome are those decorations?! And I have to admit that I seriously covet that toontown tree.

2china4S said...

Those decorations really look nice. Don't feel bad about the lack of energy. We are right there with you, we do not even have a tree. Space is at a premium, and SS's big gift is going to be assembled where our tree was last year. Even if her toy was not a problem, we are so not feeling it. Can't wait to get together with you guys. :)

Debz said...

Those are the best pictures ever! I love the toontown tree! I want one like that!