Sunday, April 28, 2013

Make it work

One of my favorite Tim Gunn sayings. He has a few that I love.

I'm pretty good at making things work. Not actual things, but situations. Undesirable situations.

Like losing my apartment and finding a new place to live(thank god for friends). Then making the hour long drive to work even though it was difficult and I knew I couldn't do it for long.

Moving into a new place which is very small(a master bedroom) and making it work without having a kitchen. A lot of people ask me how I do that.

Below is my kitchen set up. It's not the same as having an actual kitchen but it works. I also have a small fridge and a microwave that I keep in the closet, plus a tabletop oven on a bookshelf that bakes anything from frozen pizzas to cupcakes. See that burner next to the electric skillet? That belonged to my grandparents. That thing is OLD. Like 50 years. It still works fine!

I use the electric skillet the most, with the microwave and the Kuerig a close second. Gotta have my coffee. I try not to use paper plates that much. I have a small tub that I put hot soapy water in. I rinse the dishes in the shower after and I have a drying rack in the hallway between my room and the bathroom. That's actually the thing I find most inconvenient about the set up, the lack of a sink. Well that and no counter space.

Like I said, not ideal but I'm making it work. I find that I can be pretty resourceful when I need to be. I try to stay positive about things by telling myself it's not forever(it's not) and that it's a good life experience. I have a lot of those lately. LOL.

Still, I can't wait to move another place with a kitchen again. These life experiences are really making me not take things for granted.

On a totally unrelated note, I got new running shoes. I desperately needed them. Unfortunately they did not make me run any faster. I was really hoping they would. Still struggling with the running. :/

There they are next to my old running shoes. I told you I needed new ones! Now I need to break them in because right now the toes on my left foot fell asleep while I was running and it was painful. It worries me because my Nikes were comfortable from the moment I put them on but I can't afford another pair of those right now. These are Avias and they got ok reviews but they were on sale and I simply had to have another pair.

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dawn said...

Good for you for seeing the positive in it all. It isn't for ever. You really impress me.