Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day!

Unlike Mother's Day around here, Father's Day is a day we celebrate(I know we'll celebrate Mom's Day soon. Just not yet). I started a day early by having lunch with my Dad yesterday. My Dad is the greatest. He is always there for me, and for the last ten years he has had to function as both Mother and Father. A daunting task, I'm sure. But he does it wonderfully. If it weren't for his financial and emotional support, this adoption would not be possible, and Joe and I will be eternally grateful for that. This year is the first time we celebrated Father's Day at our house. I know we are a ways off from actually having a child, but the paperwork is done and that's a good enough reason for us to celebrate! I got Joe a cool coffee mug with Chinese writing on it(no idea what it says), a very neat ornate chopstick set, and some garden sculptures to hang on the fence on the patio. He was very surprised that I got him gifts, and he loved them. Today we are just hanging around the house, doing chores and laundry. We might head to the movies later on in the day.


Kim M said...

Looks like Father's Day was pretty nice!! Love the picture frame you gave your Dad.

Kristin said...

What if Joe's coffee cup says "geek" or "bum" :-)

Your dad sounds like an awesome guy!

Michelle said...

Actually, either of those would work fine for him! Ha Ha!