Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Here is an actual conversation that occurred in my house last night. I am sitting with my computer, searching the internet for the big scary mental illness that shall not be named. I was delving into the more serious cases, which have some scary symptoms. So the following conversation took place:
Me: Wow. This mental illness is serious. I can't believe my doctor diagnosed me with it.
Him: Gives me the look, which means, it's fine, you don't have an extreme case. Get off the computer now.
Me: No, I mean it. It is a pretty frightening disease. I can't believe you aren't scared to be around me!
Him: (With a totally straight face) Who says I'm not scared to be around you?
Me: Stunned silence, followed by hysterical laughing, shortly followed by hysterical sobbing because I think that he is not kidding.

Yeah, he's a funny guy, my husband.

P.S. I spoke with the social worker today and am feeling much calmer about the letter. I have much more to write about it, but I am totally exhausted and just can't right now. Maybe later.

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I am here if you need anything. Email me. I bet 4 WW points I can get you to smile !!!! :-)
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