Sunday, June 25, 2006

This Cat

Is a menace to society. Don't let her sweet looks fool you. She is one bad ass kitty. Her targets? Dogs! Big dogs, small dogs, it doesn't matter. Any dog that is brave enough to walk by our front door is fair game. We have had her for thirteen years. We got her when she was a kitten, and Tess was just six weeks old. They grew up together. She loves her Tessie dog. And she has even learned to put up with the other dog we acquired, although it is somewhat of a love-hate relationship. We hadn't had "an incident" in awhile, and thought maybe she had settled down in her old age and was giving up her bad habits. That is, until this morning. I was in the living room watching T.V., when I hear a ruckus outside. It sounded like a dog fight, except the dog was yelping. Joe ran into the kitchen to look out the window, and what does he see? Our cat kicking the crap out of some poor dog whose owner was walking by! She was really going at it. The dog's owner was pulling him as hard as she could, trying to get him out of harm's way. Of course we hid in the house and waited until she went by before going outside to retreive the cat! We used to have these "incidences" all the time at our old house. The one that stands out the most was a large black man walking his Pit Bull past our front yard when my cat comes flying out of the bushes and jumps on his back! The dog went berserk, running in circles, growling, barking, even laying down trying to get the cat off of him. I just stood there in disbelief, not knowing what to do. The funniest part was the large black man almost started crying, saying over and over again "Dude! Get your blankety-blank cat off of my dog!" It was funny when it was all over, but kind of scary while it was happening. I thought we were through with this. I'm not sure what to do. It's too late to make her an indoor cat. But I'm afraid someone might get hurt, or we may get sued or something! Maybe I should just put up a beware of cat sign.

P.S. My sister will want to tell you the story of how this same cat put thirteen stitches in her right ear one Christmas, but her dog was attacking my dog and the cat was simply defending her friend. There are two sides to every story! She really is a very sweet cat. (No really!)


Gracencameronsmomy said...

Yeah, right, I have a scar to prove otherwise!! Sweet, My A@#%

fuzzandfuzzlet said...

Hmmm well as a mommy to 3 fur kitties I have to giggle and say CAT POWER !


PS Maybe your sister needs to come up with better Christmas gifts ;)

Joannah said...

Sounds like a psycho kitty to me! ;-)

Do you have a 'Beware of Kitty' sign on your front door?