Sunday, October 29, 2006


No, you aren't having Deja Vu. That was the title of my last post. Only this time I mean it. It's one 0' clock in the morning(well actually two. The clock on the televsion just set itself back a few minutes ago.) It's one o'clock and I am posting to my blog. When I should be sleeping. The problem is, I can't sleep. Don't worry, I won't be taking the cocktail of drugs I took the other night that made me pass out. I have already received a couple of lectures about how that was not a good idea. It actually was kind of an accident. I had taken the Robitussin earlier in the night because I. could. not. stop. coughing. About an hour later I drank the Theraflu to help with the runny nose and headache. And finally, a half hour after that I took the sleeping pill when I took all of my other nightly medication. I didn't even realize what I had done until I became so drowsy I fell asleep in a sitting position on the couch. I realized the next day that probably wasn't such a good idea, and I won't be doing it again. Anyway, back to how I can't sleep. It's maddening. How can one be so tired and yet when I put my head down on the pillow my thoughts are racing, my heart is beating, and sleep is nowhere in sight. What is insomnia anyway? Besides a huge pain. What causes it? How is it I can go months without it being a problem, and then out of the blue it returns and will not go away. Well, I'm going to Google insomnia and see if there are any good suggestions on how to get to sleep. In the meantime, I am watching Saturday Night Live that Joe taped. Come to think of it, that ought to do it. (Ha!)


Anonymous said...

Oh man! I hope you get to feeling better really quick! I hate when you can't shake it!! Take care and ease up on the meds.. LOL!

Lisa :)

fuzzandfuzzlet said...

What is insomnia??? My life. I have had cronic insomnia since I was a kid. I hate it.

I think a lot of it is relted to my useless hormones. What have they done for me besides reek havoc?

Luckily I just need a little bump. I take Tylenol PM several nights a week. Since I also suffer from cronic back pain the Tylenol comes in handy.

Kristin said...

Racing thoughts... ugh, I know those ALL to well.

I actually had to go on anti-anxiety meds a few years ago (I was on them for about a year) because of insomnia.

Have you tried any of the herbal remedies?