Saturday, October 07, 2006

Not trying to gross you out, but....

Sorry for so many posts in such a short time. Did I mention I have been housebound for the last three days? Anyhoo, I need some advice. I have been getting a lot of bloody noses lately. Like two a day. And they are bad. I just got through having one that lasted ten minutes. I used up half a roll of toilet paper. Before my husband got me the toilet paper, I filled up my cupped hand with blood. I am bleeding a lot. I don't know what is causing them. They always occur when I am just sitting down doing something like putting on my makeup(this morning) or sitting at my computer(now). I do have a cold right now, but I have been getting them for almost three weeks now, so that can't be the cause. In addition to bleeding a lot, I am having rather large clots come out. Gross, I know. Sorry. Of course I am planning on bringing this subject up when I go to the doctor, but does anyone out there know what causes these? What is the most effective way to get the bleeding to stop? I guess I could just "google" this and see what comes up. But if anyone has any suggestions, please share. Thanks!


fuzzandfuzzlet said...

I think there is a good chance that one of your meds is causing the nose bleed.

Or it could just be a temporary issue.
I know if I get one nose bleed they will follow over the next several days. I can see a small broken cappilary along the side and as long as I can see it I continue to get bleeds.

In my personal experience the most effective way to get them to stop is to blow your nose first. As long as that clot is in your nose it is going to keep bleeding.

Once I blow I pinch my nose tight and just wait a couple of minutes.

When have you last checked your blood pressure? I tend to get nose bleeds when I am really angry I assume it is from a blood pressure surge.

Kate M said...

things that cause nose bleeds include
high blood pressure (welcome to adoption eh?)

change in temperature
dryness in air etc

Make a Dr's appt!

Your blog is super. I just found it, I am just starting the adoption process.

Kristin said...

Pinch your nose at the bridge while leaning forward.

My guess is that it is a combo of meds and the change in the weather... you could even have a small nick/cut inside your nose which is being easily irritated.

Joannah said...

Michelle, get thyself to a physician!

In the meantime, have your hubby pick up some saline nasal spray (like Ocean, or the Target store label). It's gross, but you flush your sinuses with the solution two or three times per day. It heals the sinus tissues.

I have allergies and I no longer take meds unless my allergies are really bad because the saline solution is so effective. It's not enjoyable because it runs down the back of your throat to drain, but it's way better than being dried out so much that you can't breathe and/or have bleeding sinuses. Try it!!!

svein r. nilsen said...

Hi Michelle: you shold stop any meds that have aspirin in them right away,you should get a blood count asap and follow the advise of your blogger friends. They are pretty good. Uncle Svein