Thursday, October 05, 2006

Sickness. Blech.

I'm home sick today. Well, I started the day off at work, but by ten' o clock I was feeling so lousy that I went home. This cold is a doozy! I still have not regained my voice. In fact, it's worse today than yesterday. The doctor called in a prescription for antibiotics that I still need to go pick up. He is very concerned that this could turn into pneumonia. He thought that the last time I had a cold, and this one is much much worse. The bummer is that even though I am exhaisted I can't seem to sleep. I toss and turn restlessly until I can't take it anymore and then I just get up. It's annoying. I'm tired. Not being able to talk is kind of a pain. I had no idea it was so diffuclt to whisper. Really, you should try it. It's hard! Well, I'm off to drink some hot tea and see if it makes me sleepy.


Laura said...

Sorry you are sick! Take care of yourself. Can you maybe try a little melatonin (very safe actually) to see if it helps you sleep? My DH uses it occasionally and swears by it!

By the way, love the boots! Really. They are not that bad. Perhaps it is because I am in Chicago, and they look like the boots so many wear here in the snow!

They actually look pretty comfy. Hope they are!
Hugs and feel better sson!

Joannah said...

Feel better soon, Michelle. Go to Bristol Farms and get some of their chicken noodle soup. It's delicious.

Connie said...

Feel better soon! I know this feeling crummy stuff is for the birds. Hope it passes quickly for you :0)