Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Funny Things Heard Around Our House

So I went to PetCo this weekend to buy one of our dogs a "bubba"(stuffed animal). She had stolen on out of Sophie's room awhile back, but she's a small dog, and it was a large animal and she could hardly even carry it around. But oh, how she loved it. So I decided she needed a new one that was more her size. So off to PetCo I went, with my sister on tow. They had a huge selection, and we were kind of in a hurry, so I chose the first one that caught my eye that was the right size. So we get home and I give Gizmo(or "Dizmo" as Cameron calls her) her new Bubba. And she loves it. She is carrying it around, making it squeak incessantly, and bringing it to us so we can play fetch with her. After getting it home and getting a better look at it, I realize what kind of animal it is. It's a beaver! Yes, that's right. A beaver! So the following things have been said at our house over this last weekend. The first couple were said inadvertantly, but once we realized how funny they were, of course we had to keep thinking up new things to say(because we have the sense of humor of a teenage boy)
"Where's your Beaver?"
"Go get your beaver. Go on, go get it."
"What a cute beaver you have"
"That is one squeaky beaver !"
"Bring me your beaver!"

And my personal favorite, said by my husband today:
He had sat down on the couch, on top of Gizmo's bubba, without realizing it. Gizmo was digging at his leg and he was telling her to stop. I said to him "I think you might be sitting on her beaver!" He gets up and sure enough, there is her toy. She brings it over to me and he says "Sorry Gizmo, I hope I didn't hurt your Beaver!" Yeah, it doesn't take much to enterain us around here! ( I think we might have to name the new bubba "Britney")


Connie said...

Egad! LOL.

Doggie doesn't have to share the beaver with everyone ;0)

Anonymous said...

That's too funny! Thanks for making me laugh out loud today.

Jonni said...

Too funny! Now, watch where you leave that Beaver (lol). :)

Joannah said...

Oh, Michelle! You know, I've lived such a sheltered life that I wouldn't have know what that meant until about a month ago! Really!

G & G Hadden said...

Oh that is funny...now be careful with the "Beave"

Kathy and Joel said...

Too funny!!! Is it sad that I enjoy Beaver quotes so much?

Shannon said...

Bwahahaha!!! My favorites are the squeaky beaver and the hurt beaver. Holy moly I gotta catch my breath now from laughing so hard!! And Britney! Ha! So awesome! My husband and I so wanna hang out with you guys!

Kristin said...


Be sweet to the Beaver, Gizmo... she's your friend.

Mark & Michelle said...

That was too funny!!