Sunday, December 31, 2006

Parenting is hard

We're on day three of this substitute parenting thing. Two more days to go. I didn't exactly think this thing through when I agreed to it. First of all, my vacation ends on Tuesday. That's the day Lisa and Scott are coming for the kids. That means I will have spent my entire vacation either away from home, or watching the kids. Which is fine, but there was no time in there for me to chill out at home. I am a homebody by nature. Sometimes I like to just spend the whole weekend at home, doing the laundry and cleaning the house. I haven't been able to do either of those things. I like to start the work week prepared. It doesn't look like there is going to be time for that either. I don't think I was prepared for the complete lack of sleep I am encountering either. I have a hard time sleeping at night. Some nights, like last night, I don't sleep at all. That's why I sleep during the day occasionally. People with my type of kidney disease are supposed to sleep more than normal people. Chronic fatigue has been a real problem for me in the last couple of years. When I don't get enough sleep, I start to feel sick. I can feel a sore throat coming on now. Gracie has been getting up at six forty-five in the morning. That is entirely too early for me. Today she woke up Cameron at that time too. Great. Joe says not to worry, that when we have Sophie he will help me. He has not helped me at all with Grace and Cameron. He's asleep right now. I have heard it is different when you they're your own. I certainly hope so. So I'm tired. More than tired. Exhausted. Yet I have to think of things to do today to get us out of the house because there isn't a lot for the kids to do here and they get bored easily. And when they get bored they start fighting with each other. Or bugging the animals. Gotta go. I have two small children to entertain!

P.S. I completely forgot it was New Year's Eve! Today is an anniversary for Me and Joe. Eighteen years ago we met at a New Year's Party. Eighteen years!! Has it really been that long? It hardly seems possible. Happy New Year everybody!


Joannah said...

Happy New Year!

Good luck with those kiddos!

Debra Sue said...

Yeah, I found out this past summer how much of a non-helper B is as well. What's with these men of ours? I basically threatened his life/divorce by the end of our one long-term babysitting foray. It was pretty ugly.

I just hope we are not so old that we have to hire help when we finally get Ruby!