Friday, December 22, 2006

Safe and Sound

We arrived safely at our destination in San Francisco today. That's a long drive. I shouldn't be complaining because I only drove three out of the seven hours it took us to get here. Sometimes I drive the whole way by myself. The weather is actually nicer here than at home. It was raining when we left early this morning. It is cold here, but sunny at the moment. They are calling for rain again by Christmas day. Last year it rained every single day that we were here. I hope it doesn't do that this year. I can't believe Christmas is on Monday. December flew by. Tomorrow Lisa and family are going to visit Scott's side of the family and Joe and I are staying here. We may go into the city, or to the movies, or we may just stay here and lounge in our P.J.'s all day. It hasn't been decided yet. Either way, we are both in need of some rest and relaxation, and I'm happy that we're going to get some.


Shelley said...

Enjoy your vacation Michelle! I just love SFO. So romantic. :)

Joannah said...

Have fun! I love Union Square at Christmastime!

Dolores and Shawn said...

Enjoy your trip to San Francisco. Have a great Christmas.