Monday, December 04, 2006

Ornament Challenge

I finally got my Christmas tree up(finally? it's only Dec. 4th!), so I can now participate in my sister's ornament challenge. I finally bit the bullet and bought an artificial tree. It is something I swore I would never do, because I LOVE the smell of the fresh tree, and I liked the tradition of going to choose it too. It just wasn't feasable anymore. We live in an apartment, and we are gone the week of and most of the week after Christmas. Since it made me sad to take the tree down before we left, it was always totally dead by the time we got home and the mess was horrible. So I found a cute little one at Jo-Anne's, and I bought some pine scented room spray to make up for the aroma. When it's lit at night you can't even tell it's fake. We might go back to a live tree, after Sophie comes home and is old enough to help participate in the choosing of one, but for right now this works. Anyway, since I am a little behind in the challenge, here are four ornaments from my tree. Do you sense a theme here? Yeah, my tree has a Disney theme. I started collecting Disney ornaments almost fourteen years ago when we were first married and I was a Disney freak(I had a Mickey and Minnie cake topper on my wedding cake!). My obsession with all things Disney has subsided(a little), but the ornaments are cute and I never had the money or time to buy all new ornaments. So the Disney theme stuck. I have added ornaments that I have received as gifts over my years of working with kids. but we'll start with the Disney ones. The second ornament is a Christopher Radko that I received as a gift and I love. I never could have afforded it for myself. The others are ornaments I collected over the years from our yearly trips to Disneyland. We go almost every year at Christmas time. They have unique ornaments you can't buy anywhere else.


Gracencameronsmomy said...

You have to take a picture of the whole tree, since I never get to see it!! I tried out Hello Kitty today and I love it!! it is so easy to use, thanks!

Colleen said...

LOVE all things Disney!! We also had Mickey and Minney on our wedding cake! My love for Disney hasn't faded a single bit.