Wednesday, February 20, 2008

American Idol

I'm really into American Idol this season. I don't know why. There have been whole seasons that have gone by in the past where I didn't even know who the top three were, let alone the top 24. I just finished watching the male performers. I know, I'm a night behind, but last night I didn't get a chance to watch it and we had it on the DVR so I just watched it. The girls are on right now and so far I am unimpressed. I did enjoy the guys though. Here's my rundown on the show last night.

Chikezie: Spiral Staircase-I Love you More Today(Than yesterday) First off, I can't get past his name. Chikezie? Are you serious? I didn't enjoy his performance last night. It was cheesy. Kind of like his name. Heh.
Colton Berry: Elvis-Suspiscious minds. I don't like his hair. The song didn't do much for me either.
David Hernandez: Wilson Picket-In the Midnight Hour. I like his voice. I liked his performance too, but by the end of the show I couldn't remember what he sang. Forgettable, as Simon would say.
Garrett Haley: Neil Sedaka -Breaking up is Hard to do. He is not one of my favorite performers here. By a longshot. He simply has no personality. And Dude. His hair.
Jason Castro: Lovin' Spoonful-Daydream. I was ready to not like this guy. Dreadlocks
freak. me. out. But he was so sweet and I liked his song and he seemed so shell shocked by the whole thing that I found myself liking him.
Jason Yeager: Andy Williams-MoonRiver. I didn't like the song. But I did like his performance.
Luke Menard: Harry Nilsson-Everybody's Talking. I was all ready to love this performance. I find him very attractive, and I liked him from the first audition. But Simon said his performance was forgettable and I totally agree. I was really disappointed. But I'm not giving up on him. I think he's cute.
David Archuleta: Smokey Robinson-Shop Around. I love this kid. He's seventeen and seems so innocent. He gave a very good performance and was so cute and shy. He has a great voice. He's one of my favorites.
Danny Noriega: Elvis-Jailhouse Rock. I don't particularly care for his personality. He seems a bit theatrical and has a bit of an attitude. Yet I really enjoyed his performance of this song.
David Cook: The Turtles-Happy Together. I liked the way he put an edgy spin on an otherwise sappy song. He seemed a little uncomfortable on stage. The jury is still out on this one for me.
Micheal Johns: The Doors-Come on Baby Light my Fire. He is my absolute favorite right now. I love everything about him. I even voted for him(texted). I never vote. So that's saying something.
Robbie Carrico: Three Dog Night-One. He is my second favorite. I have a thing for rockers. My husband was a rocker when we met. The long hair, the scruffy beard, the bandana. I'm buying all of it. Plus, he isn't the type of performer that normally makes it on AI, and that in itself I like too.

So there you have it. My two cents on the top twelve guys on AI. The girls are still on, and I have to say I am not inspired. I'm not even sure if I'll do a rundown on them tomorrow. That's how uninteresting their performances have been for me so far.


krj said...

Archuleta IS my fave :)

OH MY #6 said...

I have to get into it.


M3 said...

Love your two cents!

I'm even more behind than you -- I tried to watch the guys show last night and fell asleep near the end. So I still need to finish that one and then watch the girls. Ahhhhh, can't wait to snuggle into the couch tonight. It is SO nice to have shows queued up and ready to watch.

dmbonilla said...

Im liking the girls better but I didnt watch the guys on Tuesday! I have to watch and then decide. Thanks for today. I know it was crazy.. you rock!