Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Bloggy Friend Fun

Today was such a fun day. Lisa and Grace and I(Cameron had school) met up with some local Northern CA bloggers at neat little farm. I got to see Mary-Mia, Stacey(pw), and Donna(Double Happiness-pw) again, plus I finally got to meet Kayce. I felt like I already knew her. Blogs are so cool. I wish I lived closer to these wonderful women. Of course I got to see Rose and Marie, Ryleigh(Stacey's daughter), and Maddy and Gwen(Donna's daughters), so I got my kid fix too. Lucky me. They're all so cute and growing up so fast. We got some cute pictures of all of the girls, but since two of the blogs are password protected I won't post that picture here. I think it's okay to post the grown up picture though. So here we are:
Fellow bloggers and China adoptive Moms(two of us waiting).

Left to right: Stacey, Me, Kayce, Lisa, Mary Mia, Donna

Thanks Stacey and Kayce for making the long drive to meet up with us! I'm going to be up your way for a week this summer, so maybe we can meet in your stomping grounds then. I had such a good time.

Oh, Stacey's husband Mark and son Austin, as well as her Mom and Mary-Mia's mom and dad were there too. They got the fun job of keeping an eye on all the kiddos so us girls could gab all we wanted.

I heart my blogger buddies.

I go home tomorrow. Sob!


M3 said...

Michelle that was so much fun!!! Absolutely wonderful to get to hang out with you guys. Can't wait for the next one.

Stacey T. said...

I'm so glad that we were able to come up!! Definitely good times....oh and before you know it, you and hubby will be geocaching (wink).

OH MY #6 said...

How fun is that?!!!


Kayce said...

I'm so glad I drove up there!! It was GREAT to finally meet you too! What a fun day and those girls! We will be there again someday with Sophie and Jennifer!!!

Donna said...

It was really fun to see you again! I hope your little Sophie is in the next group photo!