Saturday, April 05, 2008

Having a Ball

Operation "Watching the kids by myself" is going swimmingly. O.K., I was going to let you think I was here all by myself, and that I had everything under control all by myself, but I guess I should admit that my Dad is here with me. But still! Usually I have my husband here to give me a break and I'm totally up here without him this time. This morning we went to Cameron's baseball game, and then Lisa and Scott hit the road and we went to the movies. We saw "Nim's Island". It was pretty cute. For dinner I had a half(eaten) hot dog that Gracie didn't want, some popcorn, and a sour licorice. Wasn't I just saying I was going to try and eat better? Maybe tomorrow. Oh, and I'm totally psyched because on Tuesday I'm getting together with some local bloggers, some of which I have never met. Is it weird to be excited to be meeting people you "met" on the internet? No? Good. Because I am. Totally excited. Send good thoughts to me that the kids sleep until at least 7:00. 7:30 would be even better! :)

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Dannye said...

I so understand this....meeting people you've "met" online thru blogging...some great people I have actually met in person when they came here to Orlando...and in a few weeks this too will happen online friends Cyndi and Dean are coming from Ca. to Fla. to go to Disney World, and we are going to Universal together...can't wait!!

thanks for sharing your experiences with us, as we too wait for our daughter!!