Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ho Hum

I didn't intend to stay away for such a long time but somehow it happened.  I think posting every day burned me out a little. I'm proud of myself for finishing though, and it ended up being fun to do.

Mother's Day was not awful.  Not great, but not awful. Joe surprised me with movie tickets and he took me to see "Water for Elephants".  The only thing we didn't think through was the fact that it was a chick flick and there might be a lot of women taking their Moms out.  There were a lot of Mother-daughter pairs there. Once the lights went out it didn't matter of course, but the 20 minutes we sat waiting for the movie to start had me wistfully glancing at all those women lucky enough to be spending Mother's Day at the movies with their Moms.

The movie itself was great.  I loved the book so much that I was worried the movie wouldn't be any good but it stayed very true to the book and I liked it a lot.

Let's see……..what else?

I pulled a muscle in my calf almost a month ago and it is still really bothering me.  Every time I think it is better and I can resume exercising, I re-injure it and am stuck back on the couch.  It is driving me crazy.  I had finally gotten back into walking again, only to be sidelined by this.  It is so disappointing.

After much consideration I have decided to start actively looking for another  job. 

While I have a steady job at the place I am now, and I love the girls I work with, I feel it's time to move on.  I will miss everything about working there except for my boss.  I won't miss him one bit.  And that's all I'm going to say about that.

Sometimes I really wish I blogged anonymously.

Anyway, I  have gone on three interviews so far. One of them they felt I would be right for the job but they didn't offer health insurance so I couldn't take it. The other one they didn't feel I was a good fit for the job, which is fine.  I'm going to be extremely picky about which jobs I feel are right for me and not take the first one that comes along.

The third interview was today and I hate to get my hopes up but boy do I want that job.  It's like my dream job.  The benefits are unheard of nowadays.

Full health coverage.  Vision, Dental, Health.  

2 weeks paid vacation.  5 days sick pay.

A beautiful, state of the art office.

A generous Christmas bonus.  They even write you a check on your birthday!  The amount depends on how long you have been there but a check on your birthday?  Seriously???  My boss didn't even wish me a Happy Birthday on my birthday(I'm not kidding.  He didn't even wish me a happy birthday people).

The person interviewing me said they valued their employees above all else and they compensate them accordingly.   

Hmmmmm………..I wonder what it would be like to work in a place like that, because I can honestly say that I never have before.

The interview went very well, I think.  He called me literally 2 hours after I applied and  he said he picked my resume out of a stack of 50 that he had received.   I'm guessing that' a good sign, no? 

They said they would call me back if they wanted me for a second interview and I am praying they call.

I'm not going to get my hopes up(riiiiggghhhttt), but man I hope they call.  I really hope they call.

I have another job interview next week, so at least I know there are options available to me.

On Friday I am off work (Three day weekend-yay! Not paid-Boo) and I have plans  to meet up with some good friends I haven't seen in a while.  It's going to be a blast.


Julie said...

I am praying you get the offer you want, the one that is right for you. You deserve it!

Shannon said...

Sending prayers and positive thoughts for a wonderful new opportunity!

Kayce said...

Oh my fingers have been crossed and my prayers have been flowing with words of favor for you for this job!! You deserve it!!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

oh I hope you get that job! Hoping and praying!


Carrie said...


Journeywoman said...

I'm hoping you get the offer. One thing, have you sent your thank you note yet? I'm sure you have but an extra reminder. My old boss told me that's how she picked me!


KHM said...

Really praying on that excellent job offer you are looking for!

OziMum said...

Hey! I found you!!! I really really hope you get a great job, where you are truly valued... coz personally - I think you are totally worth it!!!

:) Will def. send you Miki's etsy shop details when we get it set up! :) THANKS AGAIN!!! Was so nice meeting you!!!

ashley said...

The new job sounds exciting, so I really hope it works out for you! Are you still making items, like picture frames?
:) Ashley