Monday, September 17, 2012


There have been quite a few things in my life that I have had to adjust to over the last few weeks.

Some of them I am having a hard time with.

have had to adjust to how much farther I live away from my job now.  It takes me between 45 minutes to an hour and ten minutes to get home.  The traffic is either perfectly fine or it sucks.  There doesn't seem to be any in between.  Last Friday it was 106 degrees here, which we don't get very often.  That plus no air conditioning in my car plus an hour and ten minute commute equals me being miserable.  Blech. It's supposed to cool down this week.  I sure hope it does.

I miss my dog.  I know I keep saying that but I really, really do.  I know I have said in the past that she was kind of a pain, with her lack of potty training skills and her fear of people but  I loved her.  I miss her a lot.

I miss my home.   That's not to say that where I'm living isn't great, because it is.  Really great.  The girl who is renting me my room is super nice and goes out of her way to make me feel welcome.

But it's not my home.  I have lived on my own since I was 19 years old.  I have always had my own place.  This is different.  Not bad.  Just different.  It's a big change.  And we all know how much I love change. Perhaps those feelings will change after I have been here for an extended period of time.  It's only been two weeks.  For right now  I am homesick.

It's been an adjustment living alone, without my husband.  I am finding that it's no fun to cook for myself.   In fact, I haven't been doing it.  I do cook a couple of meals for myself and Joe when he visits on weekends but as for dinners for myself during the week it has been leftovers or just a turkey sandwich.  I have saved a ton of money on groceries though.  The money I save has been going right into my gas tank.  The price of gas right now is killing me.

Only seeing Joe on the weekends is..........strange.  When you have lived with someone for twenty years and saw them pretty much every day, it is an adjustment to only see them on the weekends.  For the most part I am too tired when I get home to worry too much about it but some nights I miss him a lot.  We always kissed each other good night.  Always.  Every night.  That has been an adjustment.  I only have limited minutes on my month to month cellular plan and I am out of minutes right now.  Since we aren't talking during the day(my choice), that leaves only texting as our mode of communication in the evening.  Last week Joe discovered that we could video chat on Google +, so that was nice.  Texting is only good up to a certain point.  Sometimes you just gotta talk to someone face to face.

We are still trying to sort out our weekends.  We used to spend a lot of time at home.  Most of our time actualy.  We didn't go out much.  We spent our weekends watching movies, or catching up on t.v., sometimes napping(hey there has to be one upside to not having children). It's different now, living in someone else's house.  We spend a lot of our day in my room but there is only so much time you can spend in one small bedroom. We have to start venturing out more or we are  going to get pretty bored very fast.

At home, usually one weekend day we could go to the local park for a walk or a bike ride.  Where we used to live there were a ton of parks.  There was pretty much one on every corner.  I haven't found that to be the case where I am now.  I'm sure if I feel the energy to get out and explore I will find a couple we could  go to, but I am missing the ones we had at home. There were many trees at home.  The trees here are different.  Mosyly palm trees. I miss other kinds of trees.  Shade giving trees.  Trees that have leaves that turn colors and fall off.  I haven't seen many of those kinds of trees here.

Is it weird that I miss trees?

I guess the gist of this whole post is that I am having a hard time adjusting.  Also that I am homesick. I know things will get easier.  Hopefully as time goes by I will less homesick. I hope so, because right   now I miss my home.

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Michal said...

I have made many moves and adjustments in my life and some of the hardest things I have had to adjust around are different types of trees...weird huh? So I feel you. I know that you are hurting and maybe it is strange but stopping in and reading your blog here makes me feel better, it makes me know that you are there.