Thursday, March 02, 2006

Corners of My Home

This is a new theme I will be posting about each week. I totally stole it from Stephanie over at Forks and Chopsticks, but she got it from another blog and she said it was O.K.for me to copy her. I was thinking about joining the whole "Self Portrait Tuesday" craze, but it didn't speak to me. Maybe that means I'm not comfortable in my own skin, which is probably true, but I decided not to participate at this time. I really like the Corners of My Home Theme. Even though we live in a very small apartment, we spend MOST of our time there, and many good times have taken place in it. I'm not sure how many weeks this will last, as it is a small space, and there are only so many corners I can photograph, but it will be fun for the time being. This is a picture of "my couch" We have only a couch and a loveseat in our living room. My husband, being the bigger of us two claimed the larger couch as his own, leaving me with the small loveseat. I have primped it up with Shabby Chic covers and pillows. It sits right next to the French Country style end table my sister bought me for my birthday one year(which I love), and on that is a lamp with my Shabby Chic lampshade. I got a deal on it at their wherehouse sale several years ago. The original price on it was $280.00(which is ridiculous), but I think I got it for $40. The couch is topped off with my luxurious faux mink blanket that I got at Walmart for twelve bucks on clearance. It is so cozy! I spend a lot of time on this couch. It is where I watch T.V. every night. It is where I curl up with a book on a rainy Sunday afternoon. It is even where I scrapbook! The coffee table is right in front of it, and I usually sit on the floor and lean up against the couch and scrap right there on the coffee table. Many good times are spent in this little corner, and it is definitly one of my favorite places in my home.


Stephanie said...

NICE! You know, you could even just photograph an object instead of a whole area - maybe then you will have more material for your Corners of my Home segment. Can't wait to see what you have next week!
Oh, and I stumbled upon the group that started the whole COMH stuf here
I haven't joined, just figured I would to it on my own blog.

Kristin said...

that minky throw looks so fabulous!