Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A Quick Post

I only have time for a quick post today before I head out the door to a scrapbook class that I signed up for. The theme is "Babymania". No, I have not lost my mind. Normally I wouldn't be caught dead in a room full of new mothers. I can't help it. It's the infertile in me. No, I'm not taking this class for me. I have at least three friends that are having babies and I want to make scrapbooks for them. If I can make one in class, I'm pretty sure I can get the other two done by the time the babies come along. Today was a good day, despite the rain and having to keep the kids inside all day. One day inside is usaully O.K. two days in is another story. I think we're headed that way considering how hard it's raining right now. The outlook for the c omputer doesn't look good. They aren't sure if it can be fixed, and at $85.00 an hour I'm not sure I want them to try! They said they can get the stuff off of the hardrive for me to transfer to another unit, but we don't have anything to transfer it to at the moment. Big Bummer. I guess we'll be sharing a computer, at least for now. It hasn't been that bad, I guess. (Yeah right! Check back with me in a week!)

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Tazzy said...

hey, sorry about the computer issues. that sucks. I'd offer my DH's help to fix it, but seriously, he doesn't even fix mine when it's having problems. I went for eight months without a printer. and my husband is an IT manager. great.

anyway, you are nuts for going to that scrapbooking class! but definitely a good friend to want to do that for your buddies. it's sweet that you love to do that for them.