Sunday, March 05, 2006

On Sunday Joe and I went to Ikea. I wanted to look at the rugs and we both wanted to check out the baby rooms. We got this cool light for Sophie's room. It's very whimisical, with the beads. And it casts these cool patterns on the walls when it is lit. Psychadelic! Joe wants to be very much involved in the decorating of the baby's room(he has already scrapped my Shabby Chic theme). We have decided together on a garden theme, with bright jewel tone colors of orange, blue, pink and green. I have yet to find any linens or anything to use as an inspiration. Joe's idea was for the room to look like a garden, but as it would look from a bug's perspective, with things a bit oversized like big flowers painted on the walls. I thought that sounded kind of neat, and while at Ikea we found these . I think they fit in perfectly with our theme! I may hang one over the crib like a canopy and put the other one on the wall in a corner with some pillows, like a book corner. They look really cute in the display room at the store. We also got one of these to put stuffed animals and toys in. I think it is going to be necessary because we don't even have the child yet and she already has a shelf full of stuffed animals and toys!

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