Thursday, March 16, 2006

I Do Not Like Green Eggs and Ham

I do not like them Sam I am! It has become a tradition at my workplace to make Green Eggs and Ham for the kids on St. Patrick's Day. Of course we start off by reading the book. It never ceases to amaze me how many children(after listening to the book) will say. "I'm not eating that. I don't like it", even though they have never tried it. Helllooooo.....Were you listening to the story? Nine out of ten times I can talk them into at least tasting it, and most of the time they surprise even themselves by actually liking it!(Of course there's always that one stubborn child that refuses even a tiny taste). So today I went to the store to buy the eggs and ham for us to make tomorrow. I'll post a picture of what it looks like this weekend. It actually looks kind of gross, but it sure is yummy! Oh, here's a recipe I found on the internet for it:

Green Eggs and Ham à la Sam-I-Am


1-2 tablespoons of butter or margarine
4 slices of ham
8 eggs
2 tablespoons of milk
1-2 drops of green food coloring
1/4 teaspoon of salt
1/4 teaspoon of pepper

What You'll Need

knife, medium-size mixing bowl, wire whisk or eggbeater, large frying pan, spatula, aluminum foil, serving plates

1. With an adult's help, melt a teaspoon of butter in a large frying pan over medium heat. Add sliced ham and brown until edges are slightly crisp. Remove the ham from the pan, cover with aluminum foil, and set aside.

2. In a medium-size mixing bowl, combine the eggs, milk, salt, and pepper. Beat with a whisk until frothy. Then add 1-2 drops of green food coloring until you reach the desired shade of green.

3. With an adult's help, heat a tablespoon of butter or margarine in a large frying pan over medium heat until the butter begins to sizzle. Then add the egg mixture to the pan.

4. Stir the egg mixture with a spatula until the eggs are firm and not too runny.

5. Transfer the eggs to individual plates. Garnish with a sprig of parsley. Add the ham prepared earlier. Serve with toast or warm rolls.

Feeds 4 hungry green-egg lovers.


Stephanie said...

Ohhh, can't wait to see the photo!

Gracencameronsmomy said...

That's too much work, we had lucky charms!!!
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Kristin said...

You with the green eggs and your sister with the green milk... man, I am feeling like a no-fun mama!