Thursday, April 06, 2006

Abort "the plan"

If you were patient enough to read the post before last, please disregard it. And I apologize for it being so lengthy. Boy, sometimes I think I just like the sound of my own typing(ha!), the way I go on and on sometimes. Anyway, today went nothing like the way I had planned, but nothing ever does, right? The first part of the plan went exactly as I wrote it. Including the part about the radiologist telling me I am clean and there is nothing to worry about and I'll see you next year. Yay! So relieved! In fact, everything went off as scheduled until exactly 12:45. That was when I arrived home from lunch with my husband. This is where the plan went terribly awry.
After I got home I was so exhausted from lack of sleep that I decided I would take a short nap
before I began cleaning the house. So I went into the bedroom to lay down. The next thing I remember is being woken up by stomach cramps and a severe feeling of neasousness. Ummm...and it was four o' clock in the afternoon! Hellooo.....I slept for three hours! So much for the "short nap"! And on top of that, I was feeling seriously ill. So I spent the next hour either on the toilet of laying on the bathroom floor! Not fun. I'm not sure if it had something to do with my period, or what I ate for lunch, but I am so happy to be feeling better now! Needless to say, nothing else on that list was accomplished today. Unless I add "laying on the couch for hours" or "taking a 30 minute shower" to it. Oh well, there's always tomorrow!


Shelley said...

Oh no - I'm so sorry you're sick. That thing is just so awful that's going around!


Julie said...

Give yourself a break girlie, you are human.

Feel better.