Sunday, April 30, 2006

Taking a Break

I have decided to take a blogger's break. Probably not for more than a week or so. I haven't decided yet. That means if you are my friend or family, you will have to call me to see how I am. I promise to return your phone call. I am terrible about that. I will try to be better. I hope when I return I will be in a better mental state and that the adoption process is back on track. I'm going to make that doctor sign off my medical form if it kills me. I'm not letting him hold my medical form hostage any longer! Anyway, I'll still be reading your blogs. Afterall, it is still kind of an obsession(kind of?), and I can't just quit cold turkey!


Kim M. said...

Come back soon!

Sandy said...

Take care of you! I'll be watching for your return!

Lisa & Jeff said...

Take care.

Dawn and Dale said...


This is my very first time on your blog and thought I'd stop and comment that I found it from a link on someone else's blog!!! ;)

Sometimes I link and link away and soon I'm sitting there thinking.... "Who's blog am I on and how did I get here???!!!" lol

Keep your chin up!! And remember...if blogging is good for you and your soul, don't worry about what ANYONE else thinks!

Dawn (BC Canada)
DTC March 27/06
LID ???