Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Back to the Grind

Going back to work today wasn't all bad. Many parents are still on vacation, so it was a pretty quiet day. It's very quiet at our house tonight too, without the kids. I miss them. As tired as I was while they were here, they certainly brought excitement to our normally boring lives. Usually I am not all that fond of January. It's a month that seems to drag by, with nothing exciting happening. Well, except for my birthday on Friday, but I am not all that excited about that. You know how some birthdays are better than others? Well, my thirty-fifth birthday was horrible. For some reason, this upcoming birthday is putting me into some kind of funk. I don't want to be thirty-six. Thirty-six is almost forty! There are so many more things I had hoped to accomplish by this age. I had hoped to own a house. We were supposed to have two children. My husband was supposed to get a full time teaching position. None of these things have happened. And it doesn't look like any of them will happen in 2007 either. I could be forty before I have my only child. Sigh. Anyway, enough of this depressing talk. What I was going to say was that I normally don't like January all that much. Nothing to look forward to. But not this January. A couple of months ago I did something I never do. Something I haven't done in a few years, and that we can't really afford. I booked us a short vacation. Over Martin Luther King weekend. Four blissful days and three nights in the mountains. We're staying in this cabin. I cannot wait. It has a hot tub and a fireplace in the room. We may not leave the cabin the entire time. Except to play in the snow of course! Four days of rest and relaxation. Snuggling in front of the fire, watching movies and reading. I may in even get really crazy and book an in room massage! (Did I mention we can't really afford this right now?But the only place we've been to in five years is my sister's house. It is long overdue). It is a combination birthday/anniversary present, since our anniversary is in February. It is already booked and half the fees paid, so I can't have any regrets now. I am very excited about it!


Connie said...

Enjoy the use to fret about things...just enjoy what you have booked ;0)

Yeah, I didn't think I would hit fourty before becoming a mama either....but I will. All a frame of mind to me now although it took me some time to get to that frame of mind!

Shelley said...

Good for you!

You have to get away once in a while. And what better excuse? That cabin looks cool.

The 40s aren't all that bad. But let this be the year that good things happen for you Michelle! Happy B-day a day early.