Sunday, January 28, 2007

I am almost afraid to type this sentence. I think the sickness is gone. Oh man, I hope I didn't just jinx it. Today I actually feel(dare I say it) good! I hope it lasts. Oh, I hope it lasts. I can't take anymore sickness. On to better news look what I got in the mail today(well, actually yesterday, but I didn't check the mail till today). Sorry, I'm too lazy to post a picture right now, so this is a link to Kathy's pic. Kathy sent me these cute piggie stampes in the mail. I LOVE them! They are so cute! I know it's likely my daughter won't be born in the year of the pig, but they are so cute and so pretty I'm going to put them in Sophie's scrapbook anyway. Thank you Kathy! They really brightened my day!

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Kathy and Joel said...

You are more than welcome, mt sweet friend! I'm so happy to know that you are feeling better and I completely understand the hesitance in writing about it. Hope you have a great Monday!