Monday, June 25, 2007

8 months

Today marks 8 months that we have been logged in. We used to celebrate this day each month, but with the rumors saying the wait could be three more years, I don't feel much like celebrating. All we can do is pray for a speed up. Yesterday we found out for sure that we would be moving to a new apartment in our complex. They are renovating the entire complex, and are moving people into the new apartments. I don't want to move. I like our location. Although we will be getting new carpet, linoleum, cabinets, and granite countertops in the kitchen, I just don't feel like going through the stress of a move. Getting a new job and moving are both on the list of top ten stressful life changes. How about I do both at one time? We have two choices as to which apartment we move into. One is all the way on the other side of the complex. The other is two doors down. If we choose that one, we would still have the same next door neighbors, but they would be on our other side. How wierd is that? I'm so torn about which one to move to. On the one hand, I feel like if we're going to move, we might as well move to a totally different part of the complex. We might as well have a change. On the other hand, we love the location of our apartment now, and two doors down might make the transition easier. I don't know. What would you do?

FYI: Both choices are the same distance away from the pool, but choice number one is much closer to the laundry room, yet the playground is right in front of it. Good or bad?


redmaryjanes said...

Congratulations on 8 months and I think that you should celebrate every milestone.

Jonni & John said...

Happy 8 mos. That's a tough decision about which apt. to choose.