Thursday, June 21, 2007

Things are going better at the temp job. Both dog wise and child wise. Thanks to Joannah for the dog training tips! I am going to them tomorrow. We have kept pretty busy this week. That has helped a lot. It is still a long day. This child truly thinks I am there to keep her entertained the entire nine hours I am there. She sits right next to me and talks nonstop. Now keep in mind that I have worked with kids for fourteen years, and I am used to this, but seriously this child never. stops. talking. Ever. And there is nowhere for me to go to get a break. If I go into their office and sit at the computer, she follows me. She even talks nonstop in the car. Argh. My brain is tired. Her neighborhood friends get out of school tomorow, and I pray they will be outside so she can go play. I don't mind sitting outside and watching her, but she needs some company besides myself. I need her to have some company beside myself! Other than my job, I am feeling tired. Getting up at five forty-five is hard. I know, I did it for fourteen years, but when I was off for six weeks, I got a taste of what it felt like to be rested. And I liked it it! I guess I should just consider this training for when we have Sophie and I will never feel rested again! It's just hard because of the kidney disease. I am so, so tired all of the time. Operation Job Search isn't coming along as quickly as I'd hoped. I have applied for about fifteen jobs online and haven't heard anything from any of them. Yes, it has been only four days, but I am impatient. I need to find a job that offers health insurance, and quickly. I will continue to apply next week, and hopefully one of them will at least have me in for an interview. Send good thoughts!


redmaryjanes said...

I will definitely keep you in my thoughts. I hope you find a good job soon.

Jonni & John said...

I am sending good thoughts your way. Hope things get better soon.