Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Bloggy Parade of homes

I am participating in Shannon's(Bless you Heart) Christmas Parade of Homes. I would link to her, but I'm gonna be late for work! I'll do it when I get home and then you can go over there and see all the other homes dressed in their holiday finery. Here is mine:

Entertainment center

Our front porch. We totally need more lights. On the fence.
And on the shrubs in front of the fence.

Front window

Wreath that I made.

Our tree

The Angel on top. It was my Mom's but my Dad gave it to me after she died.

Small Nativity. I have a larger one my Dad gave me too.

Snow globes

Chandelier, decorated.

Elf and Santa candle



Shannon said...

Ooooh I love all your decorations! I esp love the Santa in the window. He looks kinda stained glassy. And what a fantastic job you did on that wreath!

Alyson & Ford said...

Merry Christmas! Great decorations!

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