Thursday, December 27, 2007

14 Months!

Hey, that one slipped right by me! We made it to S.F. yesterday and of course it has been go, go, go ever since. I'm tired already and we don't go home until Tuesday! Today we drove to Sacramento to visit with our Aunt and Uncle and cousins. So fun! It isn't often that we are all able to get together at the same time. Lisa and Scott left for Mexico from there. You know what's funny? Joe and I drove all the way up here to watch the kids for them, and right now they are staying at our house for the night since we live down South. So we're at their house(with their kids) and they're at our house. Not sure who worked out the logistics on that one. Joe and I have decided that next year we're not watching any kids and we'll go on a trip. Yeah right. Promises, promises :) Must go to bed now. Am exhausted and no matter what I say, those kids will not sleep past 7:00 a.m.
Must work on that :) And hey, 14 months. Woo hoo!


Cyndi and Dean James said...

Hi Michelle...I would have love to have met you while you were in Sacramento. We live in Auburn, which is about 45 mins away. Crazy weather tonight. We got snow this evening, which was really fun. If you get a chance check out our pictures on our website. Have a great New Years!
Cyndi James
Waiting for Alicyn Shea
LID 10/24/06

Cyndi and Dean James said...

Sorry...Congratulations on 14 months!!
Cyndi :)

Kristin said...

You all need to use one of Lisa's sitters while you are up there and have a night out... if she comes after bedtime, the little darlings will never know that their favorite aunt and uncle took a wee break from them! ;-)

Kayce said...

Happy 14 Michelle!!! And Happy New Year too!