Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I had the strangest day. I had to go have another scan done as a follow up to my mammogram. It took a long time. I even had to leave and come back. More on that later. In between appts. I decided to go to Starbuck's and get some Caramel Apple Cider. Yum. Anyway, into Starbucks I went. When I opened the door, there was a long line going all the way to the door. I came in a little too quickly and ran into a man standing at the end of the line. I backed up quickly and apologized. He gave me a dirty look, but turned around and we continued to wait our turn. As the line started dwindling, he didn't move up in the line. He just stood where he was, leaving me blocking the doorway. This went on for a few minutes. There was only one person in front of him, yet he remained where he was. I thought maybe he wasn't waiting in line and maybe he was waiting for his drink to be made. I turned to him and said "Excuse me. Are you waiting?" He spun around and YELLED at me "OF COURSE I'M WAITING. WHAT DO YOU THINK I'M DOING STANDING HERE?" The entire store turned to look. I was mortified. I took a step backward but said nothing. I was stunned. He went up to the counter and placed his order. After he ordered he turned around and looked at me and said "I DON'T LIKE PEOPLE HOVERING OVER ME. STEP BACK." Again I was stunned. And pissed. I said to him "You don't have to be rude to me. I said I was sorry." This is what happened next. I am NOT exaggerating. This is how he responded:
He got his two coffee drinks and started towards the door. He got halfway to the door, turned around and started yelling at me again. "YES, I DO HAVE TO BE RUDE TO YOU. BECAUSE YOU ARE STUPID. FIRST YOU RUN INTO ME, THEN YOU ASK ME A STUPID QUESTION. YOU REALLY ARE STUPID!"
Then he walked out the door. Every single person in the store was staring at me. I was so embarrassed. But it gets better. I go up to the counter to place my order. I told her what I wanted and that I needed a couple of gift cards. I was shaking and visibly upset, but I held it together. When she told me the total amount that I owed, it was only for the amount of the gift cards, not the drink and pastry that I had ordered. I looked at her and said "I don't think that's right. You didn't charge me for my drink." She replied "I know. It's okay." And she gave me a sympathetic look. Then you know what I did next? I started to cry.
In the. Middle. Of Starbucks
. I cried. I went over to stand where they give you your drink and I continued to cry. In the middle of Starbucks. Nice. It was so bad that another employee that had seen the exchange came over to comfort me. Which only made it worse. Because then I couldn't stop. I cried all the way out to my car. I cried when I called my sister on the phone. In fact, it took me a good twenty minutes to stop crying. When I talked to my husband later, he asked me why I let that guy upset me so much. Why was I giving him that power over me? It wasn't until then that I realized it wasn't totally about what happened at Starbucks. It was about the stress I have been feeling lately. It was being worried about whatever it was in my first two breast scans that warranted a third look. And it was about the complete and total relief I have now that we made it through the review room without being questioned. It was all of those things. I just kind of lost it a little. But then I pulled myself together and went back to the doctor where, after almost an hour of testing, it was determined that there is a small mass in my left breast, but it is nothing to be worried about right now. They want to check it again in six months. Whew. That was a relief. A couple of other strange things happened after that, but I'm too tired to share them right now because now I am home with my husband. I have taken a warm bath and I am wrapping Christmas presents and all is right with the world.
What a strange day.

My husband said later on that he wished he had been with me when that happened. I don't. I'm glad I was alone. Don't get me wrong. My husband is not a violent man. At all. But the only time I have ever seen him come to blows with someone else is when we were at a concert and another man threatened me. I can't even remember what about. But my husband was going to kick his a%%. I had to physically push him away from the other guy and he made him apologize to me. He will let people be rude or step all over him, but when it comes to me, he doesn't mess around.


Stephanie said...

Yuck, what a jerk! Merry Christmas to you too buddy! Anyway, the girl at the counter (who gave you the free drink) was sweet. Thank goodness for normal people!

Julie said...

Wow I'm sorry that happened to you. But it isn't about you, it's about him, his own miserableness.

I'm glad someone was there to comfort you - hang in there!

Two Kayaks said...

I am so very sorry that you had to deal with such inane behavior today and the fact that you were able to continue on is a testament to who you are.
Last week, after our ultrasound revealed that we were losing the twins, K2 and I stopped at a coffee shop to get some comfort in a hot chocolate. I asked the lady at the drive through window if she could leave the cap off of my drink since the cap messes with the whipped cream atop the HC. When we drove up to the winow, the lady looked right at me and said, "Do you realize that you are putting my safety in jeopardy by asking for the lid to remain off? I could burn my hand."
I took one look at her and said, "Give me back my money, I don't want it". We then drove off and I cried the whole way home.
Of course it wasn't about the lady being mean, but about other things, but she totally set it off by being mean.
Be good to yourself, Michelle. There are far too many people out there who will stop at nothing to be mean.

Sarah said...

I'm so sorry that you had to deal with someone else's problems on top of everything else. You do not deserve that. I'm happy that the employee decided to treat you because it sounds like that's what you needed. Hang in there & Happy Holidays!

Shelley said...
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Shelley said...

It's hard to believe there are people like that in the world, but unfortunately they do exist. I'm sorry you had to go through that Michelle.

If it's any solace, his outburst made HIM look stupid. Plus there's always karma.

Kayce said...

That poor man will have horrible karma!!! Glad things are okay with the breasties for now!