Saturday, December 15, 2007

I have a headache so bad it's almost crippling. I managed to crawl out of bed this morning and go see my Dad, but have been in bed ever since. It could be a migraine. But not like any migraine I have ever had before. It hurts in the back of my head, on one side, with the pain radiating down my neck and left arm. Tylenol isn't even touching the pain. Please don't comment to tell me I am having a heart attack or a stroke. I have already Googled those ailments and I don't have any of the other symptoms. This is how well my husband knows me. When he came home from work I was in bed. As soon as he came in the room I said "I have a really bad headache. I think I could be having a stroke or something." His answer?(Without missing a beat) "I'm sorry sweetie. I'll get you some Tylenol after I take a shower". Then he closed the bathroom door and got into the shower. Perhaps he is aware of my tendency to over react. Either that or he is insensitive :)


Verna said...

OK, I won't tell you that it is a heart attack or stroke but I will tell you to see a doc if it isn't better by tomorrow. I'm concerned for you honey. First so tired (I have been tired too but second RMJs comment about the sun going down early) Now the headache. Can you touch your chin to your chest?? Just a test for meningitis. Yep, I'm in the medical field and I over react too. Get well honey!!

Two Kayaks said...

Sorry, Michelle. I had a headache in July of this year that totally threw me for a loop and I thought the veins in my head were going to explode. I, too, worried about a stroke at that time, so you are not alone.
Hope you feel better tomorrow.

Alyson & Ford said...

Hope you are feeling better! If you haven't been to a doctor you really need to. One of my immediate family (sister, BIL and two kids) have severe migraines and it was a food allergy. There are really strong meds available if you just have occasional migraines.
Hope all is well.
Merry Christmas

LID 01/27/06

Rebel said...

First, I hope it is just the stress of the season... and the stress of the adoption journey... and I hope you are feeling much better!
Second ~ I follow a lot of blogs - adoption blogs that is... and yours... well, let us just say that the day you receive your referal, I will be almost as happy as you and your husband will be! I so want you to be just happy. Just to be "content" in life - at the moment! Don't know you... won't ever know you... but really I know that your daughter will bring you such joy! I can't wait for that day! Until then... please do take care of yourself... and try not to stress about the little stuff so much... or the big stuff for that matter!

Cheers! Rebel