Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Nobody does Christmas like Disney

This is how I spent my day off. Yes, I am very lucky.

See how happy Joe is to be having his picture taken with Santa? The depth of his joy does not come across in the picture :) We were the only people in line that did not have children. It didn't stop me!

They put snow on the castle for the first time ever.

Lights in New Orleans Square. One of my favorite places in D-Land.

Main Street

The castle is stunning at night.


Verna said...

Wow!! That looks so beautiful. I'd love to fly out to see it. We have been to Disney Land once. Hope to do it again. Great way to get away from the MN snow!!

Stacey T. said...

Hey, we are here now!! Sorry we didn't see you yesterday. :(

Courtney said...

Georgous! Looks like a lot of fun! That Santa looks so real. We leave for Disney World on Sunday. I can't wait! Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, here we come!

Joannah said...

It's so pretty! We could have gone to the employee Christmas party at Disneyland earlier this week, but Michael's not in town... :-( Maybe next year he'll be home and we can go. I'd love to see it this time of year.