Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I am so saddened by the destruction and lives lost from the earthquake in China.  My prayers have been with those affected and families who have lost loved ones.  Sometimes I feel so helpless because I wish I could do something, but I don' t know what.  We can't donate money right now. All I can do for them right now is pray.  

It's my day off and with the weather forecast calling for beautiful blues skies and highs close to 80 degrees, my one and only goal today is to get outside. 
 I have to say I was quite spoiled at my last job in that we were outside almost three hours out of every workday. 

Now that I work in an office I find myself craving just being out in the sunshine(although I do sit in front of a very large window facing the mountains, and I am very lucky for that). 

I owe so many people things in the mail.  Pay it forward gifts, secret buddy gifts, items that were ordered from me.  I am so sorry to be so late in getting these items out to their respective owners.  I am headed to the post office right now to take care of several of those packages.
Money has been a little tight around here(that is a gross understatement) the last two weeks, but Friday is payday and I hope to get caught up again soon.  
If there is such a thing. :)

Happy Hump Day!

P.S. Oh, and "Kansas City"-don't think I'm not scouring my bloglines and stat counter trying to find out who you are so I can send you a proper thank you-'cause I am!  I don't do well with surprises and it's killing me that I don't know who you are! :)


Steffie B. said...

Thank you for your wonderful comment on my recent post....I hope you were not offended by it as it is just my own personal thoughts and feelings.

Have a wonderful day.....

OH MY #6 said...

glad you are doing so well. take good care my friend.


Mike & Tara said...

Have you checked our RQ yet? They have the updates on the institutes. A couple of families in our travel group have children in this area. Keep praying and send the best thoughts you can :)