Monday, May 26, 2008

Catching Up

I'm Baaaa-aack!  Did ya miss me?  'Cause  I sure missed you all.  Here's what's been going on since I was last able to check in.

I learned I am addicted to the Internet.  Seriously.  I might need a 12 step program.   I had major withdrawals for like two days before I finally stopped obsessing about When. the Internet. was. going.  to come.  back. on.   

I also learned that there are many other things one can do when they are not compulsively on the Internet. Like read books!  And digital scrapbook!  And have a movie marathon all day in my pj's with my husband. And go bargain shopping in L.A. with a friend and find the best. tamales. Ever.  And eat them until you are in a food coma(Thanks D!).  And go to the movies!  

Hmmmm..what else has been going on since I've been gone. Lots of bad stuff. Not for me, but for others.  Like the death toll continuing to rise in China.   I have become slightly obsessed with looking at photos of the damage there.  I don't know why, as it makes me so sad.  My co-worker found these pictures of a couple whose wedding was interrupted by the earthquake.  The pictures are eerie.  But as awful as that must have been, they have to be grateful because they're still alive.  And so many aren't.

And then there's the destruction in Myanmar.  Also very sad.

Not to mention the loss of the Chapman family's little girl.   This one saddened me so much I cried for an hour.   Many years ago I had to attend a funeral for a little boy who died the same way.  His  mother was a good friend of mine. She took her four year old son for a bike ride around the neighborhood.  She was following shortly behind him with her younger son in a stroller.  A teenage boy driving an SUV backed out of his driveway and struck little Joshua as he rode his small bicycle on the sidewalk.  The driver backed completely over him, bike and all, with all four tires of his SUV.  He didn't stop until my friend pounded on his passenger side window, screaming hysterically.  He said he never felt or heard anything.  Possibly because his radio was too loud and the car was too large.  The little boy died in my friend's  arms before the ambulance even arrived.  It was the saddest funeral I have ever attended  in my life.

To this day I never back my car up without looking behind the car.  Never.

Every SUV should be equipped with either a back up camera or a large mirror mounted on the back window. Every single car.  This tragedy happens far more often than people are aware of.  The statistics that I found here are sobering.

So it was kind of a sad week.  Probably a good week for a break from the computer.  I'm so glad to have the use of my computer again though.  And tomorrow is Tuesday already, and I only have to work one day and then I get a day off.  That pretty much rocks.  

I better get going. That was kind of long and my hubby has to go to work in about an hour so I need to spend time with him before I go.  

Next time I'll tell you how my husband's new job is going.  The graveyard shift.  It's tough.

Oh, and don't forget to take a minute to remember those that died(and are still dying) for us.   Because that's important too.


OH MY #6 said...

what a sweet post. Miss you. I thought maybe you where away.

Have a good day.


Kayce said...

Glad you're back!

Kayce said...
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Kylie's momma said...

Welcome back! An internet break every now and then is good. Even if it's due to technical difficulties. Hey congrats to month 19...check that one off the list! :-) And repeat after me...We ARE getting close to Sophie!!! PS> I found some of that YUMMY Godiva coffee stuff too. Thanks!