Friday, May 16, 2008

I had the worst day.  Work was stressful. It must be a full moon or something, because people were flipping out left and right.  Chill out people! 

Then Joe came to get me from work and we ran out of gas on the way home(the gas gauge is broken on his truck-do you see why I don't want to drive it?).  

Then we stopped by the bank and this dude almost crashed into us while whipping into the parking space we were halfway into already and my husband FREAKED OUT and got out of the car and there was almost a fight in the parking lot.  Our car was blocking oncoming traffic while this was going on and a whole bunch of people saw and were honking at us.  This is truly unlike him.   I think the stress of the last couple of weeks must be getting to him. Seriously.

I, of course, stayed in the car, screaming for them both to knock it off and I was mortified and burst into tears and cried the whole time I was in the bank.

Then we went to dinner and they accidentally put avocado in my enchiladas( I am allergic to Avocado) and I didn't catch it until I had eaten half of it.   It was hidden inside and I was hungry and I asked for it without and I expected them to listen, okay?

So I came home and have been deathly ill ever since.  Deathly.  Ill.  I'll spare you the details of that.

Put a fork in me.  I'm done.

After I wrote this, I felt bad about even posting it.  In fact, I wrote it and erased it and wrote it again because it seemed so insignificant compared to what the people are going through in China right now. 

 I had a bad day.  But it's over now, and I'll live.  I should be thanking God for that, not complaining about my day.  Thank you God, for this day.   Thank you.


Kayce said...

{{{{{{HUGS}}}}} I'm so sorry about your day...there are a ton of a$$es out there right now! The heat I think!?!?!

Thanks for all your thoughts, it means the world to me! I'm sending you "get well" and "better day" wishes right now.

Tracy said...

I hope you have a good weekend and I also hope you called the manager of that restraunt and told them about your allergy and what happened. What if you had a peanut allergy and had an anaphylactic reaction?

My husband (who is not like that at all) also said something to someone who cut us off one day and the guy got out of the truck, it was never know what crazies are going to do. I'm glad it was only a screaming match and no one was hurt!

Thinking positive thoughts for you:)

OH MY #6 said...

We can, NEVER, EVER, compare our lives to anyone else's. We can complain and that helps us process. You know, I love coming to your BLOG and hearing about ups and downs cause thats real life right?

Have a good weekend, Michelle!

Feel better soon.


dmbonilla said...

Were we in the twilight zone yesterday?? what a freakish day.. I cant wait for Monday.. im sure the crazies will be at our doot the minute we open.. im kinda worried... glad your ok!

dmbonilla said...

At the door! Not Doot! im really tired today...

Kylie's momma said...

I know how you feel...somedays the world IS FULL of IDIOTS and they're all around ME! Hang in there and I find screaming in the backyard can help too. Oh and a BIG ol' batch of say "tuttie fruity" drinks helps take the edge off too.;-)