Tuesday, May 27, 2008

19 months

I totally missed our 19 month LID-aversary when I was offline. Totally forgot about it! I'm not sure if that's a good thing, or a bad one.........I'm gonna go with good. Possibly I forgot because we were so busy and the month flew by?

Maybe the next two years will fly by without me noticing too? Ha. Ha. I crack myself up.

The more months that go by the farther away this whole adoption feels.
I let my husband start piling junk up in the baby's room again and I have pretty much barricaded the door. I just can't bear to go in there.

19 months. It is what it is.


Bella's mama said...

It is another month down and another month closer, I hope the wait is over soon!!!



Kayce said...

Happy 19 Michelle!

Our nursery door is bolted shut too. If it's open I start going around telling people to leave it shut!!! ;)

Keep the faith friend!

Mike & Tara said...

I know how you feel girl! I had all of our baby things in plastic bins in our various attics/basements (we are on our third home since we began the process!). After month 9 I really stopped looking at the items and packed them away because we knew the wait would be L-O-N-G! When I brought down the 5 huge plastic containers in Feb to sift through it was very emotional - even though we were matched w/Ming at this point. Kinda wierd because they are just "things" but each item had so much meaning and love behind it.

Andrew & Stephanie said...

19 down. Never to be re-visited. I know how you feel.... I've been there off and on during this journey. We are just crossing our 27 month LID this month and I am pretty much numb at this point.... We're hanging in there though!
May the months continue to fly by for you!

rubyiscoming said...

so funny how our first 18 months of LID-versaries seemed to be beacons each month, right? and then one or two just start sliding by as we try and live our lives and hope for our daughters one day....

OH MY #6 said...

wow, 19! Awesome.