Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I really don't have much. I'm tired. I woke up with a headache and in a funk. Why does that happen? I was late to work because Joe missed the exit and I wasn't paying attention. We're trying a new route, which avoids the toll roads because it is costing us ten dollars a day for Joe to drive me to work and pick me up. We can't afford ten dollars a day plus gas. Sharing a car is getting old. Very old. It is causing many fights between the two of us, either because he's making me late to work in the morning, or showing up late in the evening to pick me up. We do not need anymore excuses to fight. Trust me. I'm starting to get sad about Mother's Day. I hate Mother's Day. I don't have a Mom. I am not a Mom. I guess it's kind of like Valentine's Day for people who don't have a Valentine. Last year on Mother's Day weekend I had a hysterectomy. At least then I was drugged. Heh. I'll snap out of it, I'm sure. I owe a bunch of people stuff in the mail. I promise I will get to it this week. Because we're car sharing, I'm sitting right now in my husband's night class wishing it was 9:30 so I could go home and watch American Idol. Tomorrow is my day off. Yay. Gosh. That really was boring. Sorry.

Oh! I almost forgot. My husband is finally starting the job he was hired for over three weeks ago on Wednesday. Thank goodness. That means in a couple of weeks he'll get a paycheck for said job. Boy do we need that.


Kayce said...

Enjoy your day off and sending you hugs!

OH MY #6 said...

Your gonna be a mom my friend and a mighty fine one!


Journeywoman said...

I hate mother's day too.