Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Heading Home

We have pretty much decided to head home in the morning. The fire is only 3 percent contained and Highway 1 is still closed so we wouldn't be able to get to the campground we were supposed to move to tomorrow. I am so disappointed. This morning I broke down and cried because sometimes it just feels like nothing works out for us. This is our only vacation. We can't afford to jett of to Hawaii, or Mexico, or some other tropical location. I planned this trip 6 months ago. I only get this one week off per year(aside from Christmas), and I can't take time off otherwise. I know there's no one to blame and worse things could have happened. We could have gotten stuck in that fire, or our home could be endangered. But we're safe and the only thing these fires has caused us is inconvenience. But it's still disappointing. Oh well. I'll get over it. I woke up this morning with a raging sore throat anyway(I can't even swallow), so maybe it's for the best that we spend a quiet rest of the week at home. Sigh.

And would you look at that? The counter at the top says 19 months, four weeks, which is the same as 20 months to me :) Happy 20 months to us!

Isn't that sad about George Carlin? He is one of our very favorite comedians ever. In fact I had heard that he was going on tour next year and I had thought about buying Joe tickets to see him for his birthay in October. So sad.


Kylie's momma said...

Bummer about your trip. :-( I know you were so looking forward to it. Hope your sore throat is just from all the smoke. Fire up your humidifier if you have one. It will help. I know since we've had fires in ours area EVERY summer for the past few years. The price you pay to live in the mountains! Hugs!

3D said...

I am sorry that your trip was cut short. Feel better. Hugs!

Keep smilin!