Friday, June 06, 2008

Thank you if you left an encouraging comment on that last post, but I had to I take it down.  Too depressing.  

I've been trying so hard to keep a positive attitude despite some of the cr@p we've been dealing with lately and I just kind of lost it when I found out about the car.

  I was so hoping and praying that it was something that was easily fixed.  I had a little bit of a meltdown when I found out that wasn't going to be the case.

I'm feeling slightly better now. We can share a car. For now. There are worse things in life than that.  

We will have to figure something out before Joe's classes begin in August, but for now it will be O.K.   Inconvenient, but O.K.  I'm gonna bite the bullet and learn how to drive his hunk of junk, ahem, I mean car, this weekend.

Joe has been working full time at the his new job for a month now, so his next check will be a full paycheck and then we can start getting back on our feet.  It has been hard for us since he lost his job in January.  Between me being out of work for four months last summer and him being out of work five months in the Winter/Spring, things have been, well, hard

But they'll start getting better.  I have to believe that. It's the only thing keeping me going right now.  Things will get better.  I'll just repeat that to myself over and over(and over) until it starts to come true.

P.S. Thanks for the compliments on the music. That John Mayer song is my absolute favorite song in the world right now. I play it over and over and over. It speaks to me.  The other songs are songs that I simply love, as well as the tune Kayce turned me on to a few weeks ago. Maybe it's time to move that one back up to the top of the list again for awhile :)

P.S.S.  Laura Dean-I can't find your e-mail address anywhere. E-mail me at scrappermg(at)cox(dot)net and I'll give you the info you asked for.


Kayce said...

Keep that smile on your face girl! Things WILL get better!

13 DAYS!

Kylie's momma said...

Yes, but one a GOOD note ONLY 2weeks till you're big camping trip. Start those lists and day dreaming about that. It will help I'm sure! :-)

OH MY #6 said...

Hey Michelle,

didn't read the last post but glad you are uplifted somewhat again.

Oh my dear, this depression thing can really take hold can't it?

I wish I could just come over and give you a hug and then get on to some junk food and beer while we scrapbook!