Monday, June 02, 2008

Hey, thanks for all the nice comments about my hair. It has grown on me over the last few days and I have decided I like it.  It's easier to get ready in the morning, that's for sure!  Today was okay. For a Monday.  A friend lent me his car for the last two days and I got to drive myself to work today.  Oh, how I have missed having a car.  I miss being able to run errands on my lunch break.  I miss being able to leave work when it's time, and not have to wait for Joe to pick me up(he is very rarely on time).  I miss my independence.  Tomorrow we are having my car towed to the shop(finally) so we can see what exactly is wrong with it. I pray it is something fairly easy and inexpensive to fix. Oh, how I pray this is the case. I couldn't sleep last night worrying that it is something major that we won't have the money to fix.  I know it does no good to worry.  But I do. I'm a worrier.  I also received some not so great news regarding our upcoming camping trip that has me almost in a panic.  (Don't worry Kayce-it isn't affecting the second half of our trip-only the first four nights).  Long story short, there was a huge error made by both the campground(State Park) and the site that does the reservations and now it is not certain that they will have a campsite for us.  Nothing is for sure yet, but if this doesn't pan out I will be devastated.  I made these reservations seven months ago.  This is the only vacation we take.  All year.  I was able to speak with someone very high up in the Big Sur State Parks system(the ranger at the station totally gave me this guy's private number. He rocks).  This person assures me he is going to do everything he can to honor our reservations, but he won't know anything until next week.  Again, with the worrying.   I must learn not to worry so much.  So send good car-fixing and campsite vibes our  way, O.K?   We could really use them. Thanks.


Kayce said...

OHNO!! I will be doing some major Big Sur good vibes right now!! keep me posted!

OH MY #6 said...

you got it friend.

Have a good day!


PS> Still loving this music on your blog.Sometimes I leave your BLOG open while I am working to listen.

3D said...

Ugh..hope it all works out and soon!

Keep smilin!

Lisa and Tate said...

Good camping and car vibes heading out to you from Utah....

Between what you and Kayce say, I think that Big Sir Camping is on my must do list!!!