Friday, June 27, 2008

A Perfect Day

Yesterday was what I call a perfect day. Joe and I started out after lunch time to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. It's been about ten years since we have been there. It was, how shall I say this? A bit.......seedy. Yeah. Not exactly our cup of tea. We ate some boardwalk food(giant corn dogs-yum!), took some silly pictures in the photo booth, walked up and down it one time and declared ourselves done.

A phone call to Kayce to see if she could meet up(you didn't think I was gonna forfeit seeing her altogether did ya?), and we were off to Capitola Beach for a stroll down by the sea and a cup of coffee. What a cute little town that is! I love it. Pretty soon Kayce and her son Jake joined us at a little coffee shop where we sat outside overlooking the beach chatting and having a cup of coffee. So fun. What a handsome, nice boy her son is. Kayce, you are definitely doing something right there. You should be proud.

Kayce and Jake had to get going so she could get Jake packed for his trip and she could get ready for their weekend in Big Sur(a little jealous here), so Joe and I walked around Capitola and did a little window shopping before getting back in the car and heading down Highway 1 on our way back home.

We stopped several times to take some pictures before we came to Half Moon Bay and stopped at one of our favorite little roadside food shacks for some Fish and Chips. good. Then it was back in the car and home around 8:00, where we found the kids in bed and Lisa and Scott both running around packing up their house for the Realtors and trying to pack for their trip to Mexico the next day. Then I was off to bed early so I could get up and take the Smith family to the airport in the morning. A perfect day!

Giant Corndog!

We didn't try one of these

The Boardwalk

Capitola Beach

Jake, Me, Kayce
Pigeon Point Lighthouse. This holds a special place for us. Ten years ago we spent a magical weekend at some cabins right on the cliff next to this lighthouse. Now the cabins are gone and the lighthouse has fallen into disrepair and it is surrounded by a chain link fence and you can no longer go to the top. Sad.

My breasts look huge in this picture. I don't know why.

Beautiful Northern CA coastline


Barbara's Fish Trap. Our favorite place to eat in Half Moon Bay. You must try it if you are ever up that way

There you have it. A perfect day! Can't wait to see what today brings us. We're going to head North towards Sausalito. Can't wait.


Stacey T. said...

Wow, that was a perfect day!! We decided to cancel our Big Sur camping for this weekend today. It was SOOO smokey and they said the wind wsa shifting and oculd push the fire north towards the campgrounds (not Pfeiffer).

Donna said...

Gorgeous photos! But I cracked up when I saw the deep fried twinkie sign. Is it really necessary to fry those? I mean, they're already sinfully delicious without the extra fat calories (as if any more fat and calories would actually fit?)

I wish you'd tried one so you could report back. :)

Looks like you had a great time!


Linda said...

Well your lemonade turned out to be pretty great...Beautiful pictures and it sounds likea fun time was had by you guys. Sometimes the unplanned things turn out ok!! Linda

Kylie's momma said...

WoW! It does sound like a perfect day! Except you really should have tried the twinkies...they're de-lish! Enjoy your time together!

Kayce said...

That was so wonderful to see you and finally meet Joe! Wish there was more time. Thank you for taking the time to come my way and say hi.