Thursday, July 28, 2005

I promised myself I wasn't going to write another post until I could report something happy, but lately it seems like nothing happy happens to me. I started my period today. I was 3 days late and I was so sick that I have been throwing up for the last two days. That's usually how it is when I am late. The later I am, the sicker I feel. It's funny, because every single time it happens I think I could have the stomach flu, but when I look back at my journals I realize I didn't. At least I'll feel better after tomorrow.
Then I'll have 12 or 13 days of feeling good before it starts all over again. That's my life. No wonder I need therapy! I did call my GYN yesterday about having my surgery. They will be calling me back in the next couple of weeks to schedule. I'm shooting for the 2nd week in September, after the craziness of the first 2 weeks of school is over. I'm taking as much time as I need off, possibly even 2 weeks. I have 8 weeks of sick time saved, as I rarely call in sick. The last two surgeries I didn't take enough time off and I'm not making that mistake again. It's time I started putting myself first and quit worrying so much about other people. They will survive at my job without me!

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